Turning Visitors Into Customers with Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO), is the art and science of converting prospects into customers. When someone visits your website your hope is that they complete some kind of action or goal. The goal might be to get visitors to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, submit contact information, visit a specific page that has your business’ location on it, etc. Any action a visitor can take that would enable you to interact with or engage that visitor further could be considered a conversion.

Many Internet marketing agencies talk about SEO, PPC and other strategies intended to increase the number of people who visit a website. While website traffic is an important aspect of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, it neglects to address the importance of optimizing the conversion rate of visitors on your website. For example, a website with a 1% conversion rate could expect 1 customer from 100 visitors and 10 customers from 1000 visitors. However, if for their type of website, a 3% conversion rate is a reasonable goal from conversion optimization, it becomes apparent that the website has lost a significant amount of business opportunities.

The above example serves to illustrate the importance of conversion optimization. At SmartLink Internet Marketing we pride ourselves in maximizing our clients’ return for their given budget. As part of a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy we will routinely suggest conversion optimization because increasing traffic on a website will cost the same regardless of what the conversion rate is. The smart strategy then becomes to optimize a website for conversions first and then increase the traffic coming to the website. To do the opposite would be to waste valuable conversion opportunities.

At SmartLink Internet Marketing we strive to increase the amount of business you generate from your online marketing activities. While increasing traffic on a website is what ultimately gauges the amount of business the website can generate, conversion optimization is the difference between merely increasing the amount of business your website generates or maximizing the amount of business your website generates from new visits driven to your site.