Conversion optimization is arguably the most important aspect of any online marketing strategy.  In previous posts we have discussed the importance of SEO, SEM and web traffic; however, if any those methods fail to bring about new customers, that is conversion, then most of your efforts have been in vain.  Certainly, influence and popularity on the web that creates brand awareness can be of great personal satisfaction; but without conversion results, there is no financial gain. If your online marketing investments do not result in the conversion of the browser to a customer, then you have probably have not made the most of your online advertising endeavors.

That’s why CRO (conversion optimization) is of vital importance.  The need to have both a good landing page and easy site navigation that will funnel down to conversion pages cannot be overstated. First, why are landing pages so important? Consider the following:

  1. They give the visitor a good first impression of your site and the quality of product or service you provide.
  2. They allow a visitor to shortcut unnecessary internal pages that are irrelevant to conversion, such as the “history” page or the “about us” page, etc.
  3. They help the visitor to find you on search engines, such as Google.
  4. They can help promote exclusive offers that will encourage conversion.
  5. They allow you to present the most relevant information to the potential customer.
  6. You can normally track the activity of the landing page, which will allow you determine the effectiveness of your landing page in generating conversion.

Secondly, your site needs to have ease of navigation for those arriving to your site via organic search results when the URL provided in the search results page may not necessarily be the landing page.  Here are some useful tips to improve your site’s CRO:

  1. Put at least two conversion points on every page. For example, put your contact information in the header, and be sure to have the “contact us” page clearly visible and accessible to the user in the main menu.
  2. Create a user-friendly contact form or shopping cart on your site.  Make the form simple and allow space for additional questions if the customer wishes to add more to the inquiry.
  3. Be sure that every product and/or service page has an easy-to-find conversion point or purchase button, such as a large, solid-colored button that can be found above the fold of the web browser or screen resolution.
  4. Be sure that you make the funnel pages as simple as possible for the customer to navigate through to final conversion. Many times, potential customers can become frustrated with unnecessary prolonged steps in getting to final conversion, resulting in a lost sale. For example, having a PayPal option accelerates the payment process by eliminating the need to enter banking or credit card information.
  5. Be always prompt and efficient in either responding to those who contact you through a contact form, or in delivering the product or service to the customer. This will make the customer more inclined to purchase again from your site.

In summary, to best achieve a better conversion rate you need have a good combination of enticement, speed and ease to steer the user to your conversion page(s).  You want have your products or/and services to look as appealing as possible, and make it as easy as possible for users to convert to credible leads or purchases.

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