Content Marketing People Share

“Content is King” is an axiom that has been echoed since long before the Internet even existed. However, the sentiment certainly applies to websites and online marketing especially when it comes to engaging users. When SEO, and Internet marketing in general, was just emerging it was commonplace to write content for search algorithms and not for the user. More recently such strategies are doomed to fail because search algorithms base their rankings more on user experience and engagement than they do on technicalities like keyword matching. As such, it is important that a strong content marketing strategy be implemented into your internet marketing strategy.

Effective content marketing can help a website’s SEO value and provide the foundation for effective link-building and engagement strategies. A strong engagement strategy keeps users on your website and contributes to having your content shared with others, while a strong link-building strategy can help increase your website’s relevance to targeted keywords and generate relevant referral traffic. Most importantly, good content is what can make the difference between a prospective customer simply visiting your website, or someone deciding to buy your products and services. Whatever your goals may be, we are capable of creating the content to help you achieve them.

Our team at SmartLink has experience developing comprehensive content marketing strategies with your goals in mind. Our content strategies include blogging, copywriting, landing page creation, infographic design and more. In addition, we routinely tie our content marketing into other service areas including SEO, social media marketing, link-building,conversion optimization and more. We work closely with clients to set important marketing goals and to develop effective content that will help meet and exceed their goals.