A clean website design look seems to be growing in popularity.  Consider for a moment Google’s new platform for gmail. It has really evolved in recent months into a very  clean look, that has  given the user a more simpler and easier use of the interface .  Or another example would be Bing’s home page with just an image and a search bar. Even yahoo with its busy home page has made small changes to make it look cleaner and more simplistic.  I believe the reason for this format shift in presentation is two fold: user friendliness and quality.

First, user friendliness.  People today, more than every, are wanting the immediate and instantaneous.  In the real world of course this is rarely possible, but in the web world you can go at the speed of sight, giving the user almost no delay in accessing the information or entertainment they want.  So the clinical clean look of these major websites are perfect for anyone who does not want too waste a second on your site trying figure out how to navigate through it.

Which leads me to the second purpose of this new popular look, and that is quality.  When you see a website with a clean look, it automatically looks more professional.  Think about it, most people have a high regard and trust of medical doctors because of their profession, which  is promoted and perceived as being clean and clinical.  Why is this? The reason I believe is that their job necessitate a clean image because it deals with the care human body, but secondly because it preoccupied with a high quality service that is absolutely vital to health or any society.  The same image concept has been adopted by Google and Bing. Its to ensure the users that we are the best in taking care of all your searches on the web, and that they are in it for the benefit of you the user.  So in other words the clean website design look gives power back to the user or consumer, where they feel the website is there to serve them and their needs and not the other way round.

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