Adding Secret Sauce to Your Social Media

So, it’s been a couple of weeks or months or years since you put your business out there on social media. You have a professional page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a blog. Maybe you were gung-ho in the beginning, but all too soon you realized that managing your company’s social media was time […]

Engage Your Social Media Audience With Visuals

Individuals respond to visual graphics, and social media users are the resounding proof. Would you like more engagement from your social media efforts? One key to popular networking is to share rich media. Here are some tips to get you started: Hashtag campaigns: Hashtags are a well-known method to inspire others to join a conversation […]

Fine-Tuned Shopper Targeting with New Facebook Ads

Earlier this week, Facebook announced they are launching new products ads which can be customized to create a better ad experience. Businesses will be able to upload their product catalogs, allowing the platform to generate ads for specific items and serve targeted users. In their blog post, Facebook explained “Advertisers can curate ads as they […]

How Online Reviews Affect Local SEO

Ask any business owner about the best form of advertising, and he or she will no doubt tell you “word of mouth” – the effect of positive referrals from happy customers. People trust the recommendations of others who have had great experiences as customers – from retail to restaurants, medicine to manicures, electricians to embroiderers. […]

Google’s Pigeon Update

Many experts have referred to the Pigeon update as the biggest Google local search results update to occur in years. The update affected U.S. English local search queries and resulted in many local businesses panicked as they were no longer visible in the seven-pack results. The new algorithm was released to provide local search results […]