Social-Media-Driven Sales Are on the Rise

What is Social Selling (also known as Social Commerce or Social Retail)? Social selling refers to the practice of companies using social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) to drive interest and, ultimately, online sales of their products. Businesses practicing social selling use their social media presence to build relationships with potential customers […]

Adding Secret Sauce to Your Social Media

So, it’s been a couple of weeks or months or years since you put your business out there on social media. You have a professional page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a blog. Maybe you were gung-ho in the beginning, but all too soon you realized that managing your company’s social media was time […]

Engage Your Social Media Audience With Visuals

Individuals respond to visual graphics, and social media users are the resounding proof. Would you like more engagement from your social media efforts? One key to popular networking is to share rich media. Here are some tips to get you started: Hashtag campaigns: Hashtags are a well-known method to inspire others to join a conversation […]

Don’t be a Needle in the Haystack – 2015 is the Year to be Seen

Did you know that half of potential sales are lost because users can’t find the information they need on a business’ website? You merchandise your store to make it easy for your customers to find whatever they’re looking for. Treat your website the same way. Prospective customers will judge whether or not to patronize […]

See It and Believe It

Did you ever watch “The Voice” and save your favorite performer from elimination by “hashtagging” his or her name on Twitter? Well now, Twitter allows you to actually record and watch shows from your TV or mobile device with Comcast’s “See It” button. This button is embedded into a tweet. When users click on it, […]

‘Tis the Season for Twitter

It’s almost that time of the year again, when retail stores like Walmart open incredibly early, and Jimmy and his mom are the first in line to get the discounted Xbox that Jimmy wants for Christmas. So what’s different about Black Friday this year? Retail mega stores like Walmart are seeking out shoppers through a […]