“See You At The Top” Search Engine Marketing

In today’s digital age, it is not surprising that consumers are looking to their phones more and more to find answers to their purchasing questions, and they aren’t just looking for answers— they are looking for reviews. According to a study by Marketing Land, the overwhelming majority of purchases, over 90%, are influenced by online […]

Making a Positive of a Negative Review

Companies should utilize consumer review websites as another opportunity to interact with their customers. Instead of sitting back and letting a bad review negatively impact your company’s credibility, you should be thinking of ways to proactively respond to the reviewer and address the problem. According to Lee Resource Inc., 95% of unhappy customers will return […]

Review Management Consumers Can Trust

Given the recent publicity about Amazon’s lawsuit against people posting fake reviews, it is more important than ever to manage your online presence and reputation as a reputable company who prides itself in providing its’ consumers with authentic, and trusted online reviews. The latest blow to consumer confidence within the online marketplace happened this week. […]

Simplify to Satisfy

Today’s consumers are more mobile than ever—not so much in the physical sense—but in the virtual sense. One can travel around the world with a hand-held device, jumping from the Seven Wonders of the World to an African safari or the top of the Alps, all from the comfort of a sofa. In this day […]

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is not only an important part of your business’s overall brand perception, but it is becoming increasingly more impressionable in the minds of your consumers. If not managed appropriately, it can become a powerful tool for your competitors. According to studies by BIA Kelsey, nearly 97% of consumers say they read online […]

Take a Pro-Active Approach to Your Online Reputation

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and you know that a strong Internet presence is the key to its success.  Your website, with a steady stream of current content, is generating leads and new business. Your social media channels are actively engaging with customers and prospects. You’re in complete control of these digital marketing […]

Social Media Best Practices

The use of social media networks has exploded in the past decade, from the introduction of the first primitive version of Myspace through the rise of Facebook to the integration of Twitter in daily life.  Social media has grown to foster communication between organizations, communities, and individuals, and when implemented in a thought-out way, it […]

Groupon and Living Social

Some companies have found that using social coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial has  resulted in a less than desirable outcome and a waste of time and money.  What many people don’t know is that not only are businesses providing their services at half-price, they have to split the remaining money with Groupon or LivingSocial. […]