“See You At The Top” Search Engine Marketing

In today’s digital age, it is not surprising that consumers are looking to their phones more and more to find answers to their purchasing questions, and they aren’t just looking for answers— they are looking for reviews. According to a study by Marketing Land, the overwhelming majority of purchases, over 90%, are influenced by online […]

Panda and SEO

 Marketers should remember that marketing is all about communicating with people. Google Panda is an extension of that idea in that it has had a positive effect on the content users find in search results. It is an update that rewards people for their creativity and ability to innovate while punishing those who steal content […]

Controversy Surrounding Panda

Just as with any Google update, there was a fair amount of controversy regarding Panda. Some webmasters felt as though the restrictions and penalties were far too severe. Websites that aggregate information, for example, were obviously harmed a great deal by Panda updates. In addition some webmasters found that websites that copied their original content […]

Targets of Penguin

On April 24, 2012, Google announced a major change in its search ranking algorithm. The change, later named Penguin by Google, was released with the intention of targeting webspam by decreasing rankings for sites that were violating Google’s already existing quality guidelines. The objective was to encourage positive and constructive “white hat” search engine optimization, […]