Content is King…..And It’s Your Move

It is no secret that content marketing on a website, much like the king in a chess game, carries a great deal of power and value—in fact, it is the difference between winning or losing the game. But if all the pawns remain immobilized on the chess board, there is no way to win the […]

Black Friday Goes Mobile

Black Friday is almost here; but perhaps even more pertinent to online retailers is that its counterpart, Cyber Monday, is right around the corner–not to mention all the deals beginning on Thursday and throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. With thousands of online retailers competing for the same dollars and page views, it is imperative that your […]

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is not only an important part of your business’s overall brand perception, but it is becoming increasingly more impressionable in the minds of your consumers. If not managed appropriately, it can become a powerful tool for your competitors. According to studies by BIA Kelsey, nearly 97% of consumers say they read online […]

Social Media Marketing West Palm Beach

Social Media Marketing West Palm Beach Imagine getting your message out to customers and potential customers…but actually getting into their smartphone. How? Social Media! More and more people are using their smartphones and cell phones to update and check their Facebook. Social Media Personalized “Like Pages” Need a bump in your social media presence? We […]

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a simple webpage that has one purpose…to capture a sale. Landing pages usually have a phone number, an email box and a call-to action. The landing pages will most likely have content about the product or service. Landing pages are used in pay-per-click campaigns to try to get the viewer to […]