Local Search

Local search may seem like an obvious choice for a local advertiser’s marketing mix, but the truth is that until recently the importance and impact of local search was either not known or not acknowledged.  Search was a marketing concept that was broad in scope, for enterprises with a strictly online presence or a chain […]

How To Get Your Website Found in the Search Engines

Because search is evolving and becoming more based on social recommendations, here is a list of ways to get your website found and indexed in the search engines fairly quickly. 1. Create great fresh informative and problem-solving content. 2. Add your web address to as many social networks as possible. 3. Add a blog to […]

Submitting your site to search engines and directories.

Your company has a website, but do they have a “web presence?” A web presence is what every business needs. It’s not just having a website online. Instead, it’s about sharing your business information across the web, on sites that searchers use. It’s providing your business information such as location, hours of operation, and payment types. This can be done by not only submitting your business to search engines but to many of the major directories on the web as well as GPS systems and mobile directories.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing it’s not only about marketing to someone’s phone that they carry in their pocket. Mobile marketing is on-the-go marketing. What if you could list your business to Onstar or a Garmin GPS, so consumers can see your business when they are looking for something to eat, drink, or find the easiest path to […]

What does SEO mean?

Here in our West Palm Beach, Florida office, we perform Search Engine Optimization everyday. It’s an ongoing process. You don’t do it once and then you’re done. It’s a steady pace to the top. It’s like building a sturdy building over time; making sure the mortar is set before placing the next brick.