Social-Media-Driven Sales Are on the Rise

What is Social Selling (also known as Social Commerce or Social Retail)? Social selling refers to the practice of companies using social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) to drive interest and, ultimately, online sales of their products. Businesses practicing social selling use their social media presence to build relationships with potential customers […]

What NOT to do in your Digital Marketing strategy

There are a lot of resources out there that can point you in the right direction as you devise your digital marketing strategy, but the experience of a specialist will tell you where you can be led astray. • Don’t make the mistake of treating digital as an afterthought. If you want your campaigns to […]

Understanding Retargeting

Retargeting is a great way to compliment all your digital advertising efforts, especially for B2B. A great lead generation tool, retargeting boasts powerful tracking, speed and repetition, going to work as soon as it’s triggered and repeatedly displaying until it gets clicked or its algorithm says “that’s enough.” Here’s how it works: When a consumer […]

Colorful Ads Score Big

New research has been released from Rocket Fuel, a programmatic ad firm, which shows ads with red backgrounds garner higher conversion rates across all platforms–31% higher conversion rates. Physiology and behavior are the explanation for this. Humans see red light more vividly. It’s just the way the eye is wired. People are also trained to […]

Mobile Websites: A Google Update

Perhaps the largest announcement made by Google to affect the search rankings of websites since the initial Panda & Penguin updates, starting on April 21st, 2015 having a mobile-friendly website was not only highly recommended but required. The announcement was dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by many in the SEO community as internet marketers had to scramble in […]

Five Google Services to Check Out

1. Gmail Without a doubt, Google’s most popular service (obviously excluding their search engine centerpiece) is their free email. Google has recently integrated Gmail into an even more comprehensive service including Drive (more on that later) and Google+ Photos. Gmail services are constantly being upgraded, the web user experience is second-to-none, the email address […]

Saving Time with Social Media

Now that you have the ingredients for Social Media #SecretSauce that we discussed in an earlier blog post, let’s talk about how to save time with social media and still get maximum results. Let’s face it, keeping up with three or more social media platforms can be time consuming. So, here are some tips to […]

How to Approach Digital Video Ads

With the rise of programmatic buying, video ads are getting more and more popular. By the end of 2015, eMarketer estimates marketers will spend $2 billion on programmatic video. Going programmatic allows marketers to target consumers and thereby tailor ads to speak to them. Your budget isn’t locked into any specific placements, allowing your money […]