URL: https://capitolcarpetandtile.com

Product: Provider of flooring products and services in the South Florida area. Capitol Carpet & Tile specializes in carpet, hardwood flooring and also installs their own products.

Campaign: Search Engine Optimization

Time Frame: March 2010 –March 2011

Background: In November 2009 Capitol Carpet and Tile came to SmartLink to begin promoting their website on search engines with the goal of engaging more customers in the online space.  Before coming to SmartLink, Capitol Carpet and Tile did have an SEO firm contracted to perform optimization. However, they were disappointed in the minimal results they were seeing.  Capitol Carpet and Tile wished to start fresh with a new website that would promote their services more prominently as well as drive higher visitor conversion. While the website was being developed we ran baseline analytics reporting to compare the site’s performance pre- and post-launch.  In March 2010 Capitol Carpet and Tile’s new website was launched.  Initially, we drove traffic to the website with a pay-per-click program while we were performing our optimization work and waiting for optimization to start gaining momentum.

Challenge: Flooring is a relatively large business in South Florida especially when you have to compete with big chain stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. Because of the competitiveness of the industry, we took an approach to our optimization to include his product offerings paired with local geo-modifiers for each of their store locations.  Our goal was to optimize and increase natural traffic by adding new keywords to his keyword set on an incremental basis. We did this by by developing fresh content via a self-hosted WordPress blog, back linking, bookmarking and continually analyzing traffic data to tweak any imperfections.

Start: March 24th to May 24th

This client had a website for over 5 years, and a SEO program for over 1 year. Prior to SmartLink’s website redesign launch, the baseline analytics showed Capitol Carpet and Tile was only being found for 268 keywords. Out of the top 50 keywords 34 of them were branded keywords. (i.e. Capitol, Capitol Carpet, and Capitol Carpet and Tile). Pay-per-click traffic was responsible for 52% of the visits to the website, while search engines were responsible for 31% of traffic.

May 24th – July 24th

  • 48% Increase in traffic to the site.
  • Keywords to site increased 176%.
  • Search engine optimization started taking effect, and was responsible for 49% of the traffic while PPC brought in 41% percent of the traffic, and  10% was direct or referring traffic.
  • Top 50 Keywords – 24 Branded out of 50.

Total number of keywords that were searched to hit site = 741

July 24th – Sept 24th

  • We had a 4% decrease in traffic during this period.
  • Keywords to site increased slightly by 0.27%.
  • We were still seeing an increase in how much traffic search engines brought versus pay per click.  At this point 52% of the traffic was from search engines, while PPC was 39%. Direct and reffering traffic was around 9%. Organic traffic at this point started to outweigh paid traffic considerably.
  • Top 50 keywords- 28 branded keywords out of 50

*Some Branded Keywords had a 5% drop while. Most importantly, non-branded keywords increased as much as 700%

Total number of keywords that were searched to hit site =  743

Sept 24 – November 24

  • 21% increase in traffic to the site this period.
  • Keywords to site increased 26%.
  • Search engines brought in 52 percent of the traffic, PPC brought in 38% referring and direct traffic sites accounted for 10%
  • Top 50 Keywords: 22 out of 50 keywords were branded keywords,

Number of keywords that were search to hit site =  936

November 24, 2010 – January 24th 2011

  • 3% increase in traffic to site this period.
  • Keywords to site increased 21%.
  • Search engines brought in 60% of the traffic, PPC was 35% and direct/referring traffic was 5%.
  • Top 50 Keywords 25 out of 50 were branded.

Number of keywords that were search to hit site =  1132

January 24 2011- March 24th

  • 13% Increase in traffic to website.
  • Keywords to site increased 26%.
  • Search engines brought in 62% of traffic, PPC only 31%, and referring/direct traffic was responsible for 7% of visits.
  • Top 50 Keywords 19 out of 50 were branded keywords.

Number of keywords that were search to hit site = 1426

Conclusion: Our SEO program increased organic traffic by 100% over the course of a year. Keywords to Capitol Carpet and Tile’s website increased 432% since inception.  Non-branded keywords were now responsible for 44% more searches, which means people not familiar with the brand are now being legitimate new leads for Capitol Carpet and Tile.

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