Though it’s not recognized as often as “identity” as being a critical part of the branding process, brand personality is an integral component in today’s effective advertising.  A compelling brand personality will attract new customers, maintain existing customers, and even turn brand loyalists into brand evangelists.  As social media continues to become requisite in the marketing of a business, it is essential that the content published on social media networks exemplifies the brand’s personality.  As the only medium with the ability to assemble photos, videos, and copy into one consumer interactive platform, social media is a must for infusing personality and storytelling into marketing.

Below are things to consider when establishing your brand personality on social media:

  1. Include individuals in the branding.  Whenever possible, include the names and avatars of those managing the social media accounts.  This gives a personal feel to your social media profiles that allows users to feel they are interacting with a person, instead of just a logo.
  2. Have conversations.  Instead of viewing social media as a means of distributing information, approach it as a platform for conversation.  Pose questions to customers as a means of building trust and community rather than simply increasing engagement.   Don’t be afraid to offer personal perspectives or opinions; people enjoy interacting with other people, not faceless brands.
  3. Use videos or photos.  Both videos and photos are ideal mediums to bring your brand to life.  If done correctly, video or photo posts can give the customer a sense that they know you as a brand.
  4. Think outside the box!  Approaching social media from a creative perspective is a great way to instill your brand personality into the medium.  Whether it’s a poll, contest, third-party partnership, or an artistic endeavor, keep your pages fresh with different takes on user interactivity.
  5. Be authentic.  People can easily spot insincerity.

If not approached and managed the right way, social media campaigns will land with a very quiet thud.  You don’t have to tackle that challenge alone—SmartLink specializes in creating effective social media strategies that engage consumers on a real level.  If you are ready to develop your brand’s online personality through social media, contact SmartLink today at (561)688-8155.