What is back linking and why is it so important in the world of SEO?  First of all, what is a link? A link is url string that is posted somewhere on the web that a user can click on in order to access that designated page.  The reason it’s referred to as link is because it literally links two web pages together, whereby the page remains independent but can serve as a link to another page.  So if you have a back link, you’ll have a hyperlink, that when clicked on will take the user to one of your pages.  In other words the link goes back to your designated page, and is therefore extremely useful for web navigation.  But back linking in terms of SEO can be very useful in generating and creating hyperlinks to your websites from other external pages.  This is sometimes referred to as inbound links or incoming links.  But how does this effect ranking on the major search engines?

Well, Google since its inception has included in their algorithms the back links that point to a particular domain.  The account widely accepted concerning the theory behind Google, is that the founders of Google felt it was important to emphasize the significance of back links to help determine a page relevancy, and hence ranked position on their search results.  The reason why that this is so highly valued these days in search results is that it gives a greater indication of a website’s popularity on the web.

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