Colorful Ads Score Big

New research has been released from Rocket Fuel, a programmatic ad firm, which shows ads with red backgrounds garner higher conversion rates across all platforms–31% higher conversion rates. Physiology and behavior are the explanation for this. Humans see red light more vividly. It’s just the way the eye is wired. People are also trained to […]

Saving Time with Social Media

Now that you have the ingredients for Social Media #SecretSauce that we discussed in an earlier blog post, let’s talk about how to save time with social media and still get maximum results. Let’s face it, keeping up with three or more social media platforms can be time consuming. So, here are some tips to […]

Adding Secret Sauce to Your Social Media

So, it’s been a couple of weeks or months or years since you put your business out there on social media. You have a professional page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a blog. Maybe you were gung-ho in the beginning, but all too soon you realized that managing your company’s social media was time […]