chefwithlargepot (1)So, it’s been a couple of weeks or months or years since you put your business out there on social media. You have a professional page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a blog. Maybe you were gung-ho in the beginning, but all too soon you realized that managing your company’s social media was time consuming and that the returns were minimal. And by returns I mean, you got few followers outside family and friends, and maybe it felt like no one read all that content you diligently gathered and delivered. So, you began posting less often—maybe twice a week instead of daily. And then you only posted once a week on all platforms. Then you moved to doing the blog once week, Facebook and Twitter the next week, and only because the two are linked and you get auto tweets when you post. Now, you might post content once a month, if that often.

Did you know there’s social media secret sauce? Shh . . . don’t tell anyone. It’s highly potent stuff that in the wrong hands could potentially launch a business into the stratosphere. Proceed with caution. You see, it’s really very simple. The way to increase your social media presence and gain followers is to increase your visibility. Whoa! We hear you. You’re saying, “Brilliant, Sherlock, but how do I do that?”



Simmer down. We’re going to tell you.

First, you must be active on your social media platforms. Must. Be. Active. Most people use Facebook or Twitter. So, you’ll get the most free bang for your buck there. On these social media platforms, you should be posting 3-5 times per week. If you blog, post once a week. Minimum. And posting is just the beginning. Once you post, you have to follow through and check the likes, comments, and retweets. Here’s where you interact. Thank the people who retweet your posts. Like any comments and maybe respond to keep the conversation going.

News Flash: People do social media for interaction. You must interact.

Why interact? We’re glad you asked. Every time there is interaction, visibility increases. Here’s how: by landing in someone’s feed, all of that person’s followers or likers see your name. If one of them interacts, you get more exposure with their followers or likers. Follow?

Next, have a look at what people are talking about and join the conversation. Both Twitter and Facebook have “trending” lists. Comment on trending items using #Hashtags to reach a wider audience and thus become more visible. And in case you didn’t know, Facebook has jumped on the Hashtag Train along with Twitter. Also, write posts related to your brand. Again, work the hashtags because that’s how you reach your targeted audience. Establish yourself as an authority in your field with informative and entertaining posts.

So, go ahead and share your secrets. People love insider information! But don’t just make your posts all about business. Post pictures of your office along with people actually in the office happily working. Post shots of employees at a company outing like a ballgame or bowling. This allows your followers to get to know you as people and not just a business name or logo. This also makes your business seem more approachable. Speaking of pictures, people want to see more than text! Images are eye-catching and attention grabbing tools. Slap a quote on one every now and then—something that relates to your industry or just something inspiring.

Follow like-minded people. See posts from someone and like what they’re saying? Give them a follow. And if someone follows you, thank them for the follow or like. And don’t direct message. Tweet or post on your Facebook page. That way, you’re giving that person more visibility by opening them up to all your followers and, at the same time, showing them how to give you more visibility with their followers. We know. It’s devious, but brilliant.

We hear you. You think this sounds like a lot of work, and you’re busy. We get that. But both Facebook and Twitter have tools to help. You can schedule your posts, tweets, and blogs for the day, week, or month. We we’ll get into that in another blog, but for now, search the platforms’ help menus to see how. It’s super easy. Also, you can set up Facebook and Twitter to cross-post. So, when you tweet it posts to Facebook or vice versa. And most blog sites will tweet and post to Facebook when you post a blog with a link back to the blog. Easy peasy. Plan to spend thirty minutes to an hour daily on social media. Do it at the beginning of the day, then take 10-15 minutes later in the day to interact.

If you follow these easy steps, we just bet your social media visibility increases. We’d love to hear your responses! If you try our suggestions, share the results. Post a Tweet with #secretsauce in it and tell us what worked for you. Or if you have great tips that weren’t covered here, Tweet that.

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