Should you add a like button to your website?  This answer is an emphatic yes!  The like button is superior to even a share button.  Reason for this is a share button can only help promote or expose your site content to a wider audience, but it won’t communicate to that audience whether the people like or dislike the content.  Not even Google analytics can tell you what people like and dislike.  It can give you report on how, when, and who is visiting your site but it won’t tell you how many visitors like your website.  For example you could have people visit your site because they don’t like the subject or content of your website, and you would never know.  But now with the integration of like buttons you can find out how many people enjoyed the content of your website.

It will also make your website more engaging and interactive, and therefore keep visitors on site longer.   Plus when visitor clicks on the like button it will have immediate communication with all his or her social connections on facebook, thus creating extra exposure of your website or page to other unique potential visitors!  Finally you have the long term benefit of the like button.  Through accumulative likes you will positively affect your visibility on facebook, especially when someone does a search for your subject, product or service.

We at Smart Link are seeking to develop a greater influence on the web through social media and we believe to add a like button is big piece of this puzzle.  Contact us today to find out more!

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