Want To Win More Internet Business? Increase Your Odds!

It’s no secret; the Internet continues to influence the decisions of more and more buyers on a daily basis than ever before. And all indications don’t expect this trend to reverse its self anytime soon.

So, what can you do, within reason, to have the opportunity to be found on the internet by your potential customers and earn more of the available business? Like everything else, understand the game how the game is played.

Do you know what the average click through rate is, on the Internet today? (It is describes as the number of times your Internet listing is chosen when posted, reflected as a percentage.) Believe it or not, the answer is only 1.25 percent; if you are listed on page one of a major search engine. Not a very impressive number, but it is what it is! So, logic dictates, the only way to increase the odds of your web site being selected more often than 1.25% of the time is to show up on page one more than once!

To accomplish this only takes a few things. First, invest a little of your money in a quality Pay-Per-Click program. If done correctly with the right company you’ll be able to see immediate results.

Next, invest a little of your time answering questions from others on Linked In. There are many people looking for information or advice on what you do. If your answers are strong enough they could earn you a solid position on page one of Google, Yahoo, AOL, ASK or Bing,

Lastly, invest a little more of your time to create a meaningful blog on your website. Just like Social Media, blogging is an excellent way of providing information and suggestions to anyone who is searching for answers on what you do.

None of the element described above will cost you a lot of time or money and I am happy to assist those interested to find out more. Just call Marty at 561-688-8155 or e mail me at mperrone@thinksmartlink.com.


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