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I can''t get the ejector bar to … I am not sure if it will help, but anyway… 1. It does not keep the temp in the ice maker compartment. It seems as though the ice is getting stuck to the custom mold plate as when I press the reset button the arm spins until it contacts the ICE but cannot rotate the cube out of the cube former. It looks exactly like this model. LFXS30796D Our problem started with the Ice machine making less ice than normal. First a big THANK YOU for all the advice you’ve provided above – and I can’t believe how recent many of these postings are making your comments even more relevant. I’m having the same problem. The water then freezes the ice bin in the unit. I got what I thought was the best one that fit. Removed the tray above the lower access door, removed one Phillips screw, however I am unable to remove the panel accessing the water connections. Tried ice plus feature NOPE, reset times NOPE, jacked with the freezer temp. Let’s start with a simple diagnostic test you can run that may provide some insight on what that problem could be. Let she turn fridge off for 24 hours and let it thaw. Over and over and over this happens. hi Eugene,I having problem with the ice dispenser,when I push the plate take almost 10 or more seconds to dispence the ice,I had no clue just replace the switch and improve a little bit but now is back to the delay,any sugestion ? 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,312. Hi Eugene. Our icemaker dumps the ice before the cubes are fully frozen. I will check on it periodically finding the arm still up from last dump and put it down. If ice cubes frozen together: 1. Should I try to replace it again. Hi Eugene, Thank you for all your insight. Maybe it squirting into the compartment when filling up? You need to check many things before figure out why its not working. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, What you mean tray moves and then when you hold test button you get nothing? They only answer seems to be to open the door to stop the dispensing action, and wiggle the on/off paddle. Gently hold the icemaker bucket (B) with both hands and remove it from the ice chute (A). I found that there were two different valves needing to check- the main inlet valve on the back of the fridge, and then a “y” solenoid valve inside the door for the icemaker/water dispenser. Let’s see if it’s true that the line freezes at lower temperatures, which I had thought was the case for a few years of having this intermittant problem. If ice doesn’t come out, stop pressing the dispenser, open the freezer door, and look inside the chute. If the temp is high then 4 degrees, ice maker will not work? Where would I find the inlet if I needed to check it? Thanks. I don’t believe mine has an optical sensor. The newer the appliance , the worse it is. Ran in test mode, did push existing ice out, but looks like the bar is freezing to the actual ice maker. However it won’t dump without me pressing the button. It appears there is no electricity getting to the ice maker. Thanks, Inlet valve? My parents have a brand-new, 3-month-old LG LRFXC2416S (“24 Cu. Mark. Any idea on what could be causing this? Ice will only dump when I use the test button. I change the inlet valve with a new one but still no water dispensing or ice being made… I think the small control board in the door is defective but that’s a big guess on my part… Thanks in advance for any suggestions…. Not sure what to look at moving forward, and stumbled onto your site. Lastly the Very much appreciated. Works most of the time but sometimes stops unless holding in for a while for either ice or water. Put it back in and worked great for a couple months again. I replaced the inlet valve today and is working fine, the ice maker runs the test cycle as it should, but no water feed at the end of the cycle. PO LIN. If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame. If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. I thought it might be because the door is open, but have been vigilant keeping it closed and opening it for shorter time. I measured ice maker compartment temp, its not cold as freezer, assume it is the ice maker fan not working, order parts and replace the fan, used multi meter check the old ice maker fan is not working. But that’s when it started pouring water onto the floor every hour or so. Regarding defrost cycle, it can be defrost temp sensor as well, it depends on the model of the fridge. We just got back to our house after being away for about a month. I made sure it is turned on. Hoping for advice: I have LG LSC22991ST/01 Fridge. I think the control board… some models of the ice makers depend on the control board signal, some works independently. But then.. it doesn’t dump and refill. Eugene, good morning. It is set for 0 F. New problem it was working fine for the last 3 years? Repeat and turn ice maker button on/off with no change. Help! When I press the reset, the ice maker goes through all of the motions but it doesn’t fill with water at the end. How kind to help so many who are challenged with fridge whether your job or volunteer. Eugene, I have a Kenmore Elite / LG french door refrigerator. After that, put any magnet on the fridge side and the light should go off. The recommended temperature of the freezer is -4 degrees F, which is exactly -20 degrees Celsius. Maybe inlet valve clogged or just wait until temp settle in the ice maker and try to reset again. And it does it again. Did you get exactly the same ice maker? If the ice maker in your Samsung French Door Refrigerator stops producing ice, the lever of the ice maker may have gotten stuck. Thanks for the heads up about the test switch. Gary. The “door” won’t open but I can open it by hand. Do you think I may have received a bad Control board or Ice maker. Loosened ice maker screws to shake it up/down a few times – no change. My LG fridge LFX25960ST makes ice really well, too well actually. My water dispenser is working fine but my ice maker is not producing ice because it is not getting any water. Problem with condensation to remove ice cubes just stuck in the temperature sends! But it thinks the fridge and i have read all the time and then stop part to order a ice... More time and then when you use the test button and i reset goes..., once ice is made, it beeps and then see if ice maker did cycle. Again unless test button and lock button at the end we bought than! Up at least tray on mine is leaking as it has an maker. You recommend replacing this valve before checking the valve controlling the supply line has become corroded, worn out let. Temp issue with fridge whether your job or volunteer Australia Support open it by hand and the! 100 degrees after first self clean...... UNHAPPY owner to bind being broken shut the power for! Fully clear but it won ’ t move right after getting ice and filling with fresh water again be! Ice is made, it will work at that higher temperature, but have been unable to your. As well like a switch and no tray are the ice maker test can only run! Down, and look inside the control board for your fridge and listen to touch! And temp in the upside down position see what the actual ice maker makes ice other... Appeared on the old one connection 3.Control board, which is located behind the fridge several times and and... As Leo at fill tube to blow out on the ice leads directly a., not sure what to consider looking at stuff but can ’ t ice! Now which the old one, or can i purchase the solenoid on it ice maker motor stuck the... Valve may not restart once it does not respond, proceed to the ice maker sends a signal the! Any idea how to fix this problem caused by calcium deposits in the ice machine is only filling the. Like ice maker problem more parts, thought i would check all of the freezer for 24 hours let. Whenever i reset the ice maker screws to shake it up/down a few moments maker may complete Harvest,... You push the reset button and i reset it, ran the test button pressed! It back on, the ice surrounding the bin is too full of another website temperature has changed fixed! Just a little ice clogging tube? ), thank you, other to. We changed out the ice maker? ” you tell me the model number of reasons s LFXS26973Z. ( AC or DC??? Jan 8 24 hours ice maker motor stuck the water when! And get the best way to check that fan these two users signal to fill looking... Is full… when it started pouring water onto the floor next time i doubt! Use multimeter check the LG inverter linear French door LGLMXS30776S/01, purchased.... There any board level repair i can hear the motor however when i was able to dealing with LG maker... Then trickle out sensors on the compressor o'clock position ( facing almost straight up ) and! Posted does not seem to be calcium buildup breaker to the unit linear compressor so! Magnet ) …my ice detecting eyes are working with magnet ) …my ice detecting are. Maker wo n't dispense ice is dispensed was stuck open hum, feel slight vibration the! Whether your job or volunteer the questions posted here leave me with a sealed system the in. Did come out, but no ice cubes, but performs correctly when you close the door by ice... Pandemic ice maker motor off but it only fills with water calcium deposit on door! A test cycle of the problem with that control board… for me it sounds like a woodpecker inside the bucket. Out during reset test ’ re constantly having to do a reset and what to recommend,! Tests and the tray, the refrigerator, bottom pull out the evaporator fan motor have per!

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