Establishing the Four P’s used to be the most effective marketing strategy until the takeover of Social Media. Taking your small business to the web might be a difficult step but, a step in the right direction. Take these three tips to get you started.

1.) Set up all four of the most popular social media websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Each has something different to offer. Facebook allows you to engage to the masses with options to “boost” your post. By boosting your post people who haven’t liked your page are still able to view and share your content, doubling the amount of people able to view your page. Twitter is great for appealing to a target audience, especially if adolescents are your desired target. Trending topics allow you to see who is connected to your product and what else is out there in your category. Google Plus is a growing rapidly and great for promoting small and local businesses using simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Last but not least Linkedin: network with people in the same industry but also build your company name portfolio and establish its name in the business world.

2.) It’s all about content. Make sure to set up your profile to make your company shine. Add news stories, superlatives, or any progressive initiatives. Be sure to check out your competitors, see what they are posting about and what the hot are topics in your field. Always use a catchy headline that will attract old, new, and future customers.

3.) Choose what works for you. Check out which sites your customers frequent and keep updating. There is always something new around the corner so keep looking for trends and new websites that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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