Take a Pro-Active Approach to Your Online Reputation

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and you know that a strong Internet presence is the key to its success.  Your website, with a steady stream of current content, is generating leads and new business. Your social media channels are actively engaging with customers and prospects. You’re in complete control of these digital marketing […]

Google’s Pigeon Update

Many experts have referred to the Pigeon update as the biggest Google local search results update to occur in years. The update affected U.S. English local search queries and resulted in many local businesses panicked as they were no longer visible in the seven-pack results. The new algorithm was released to provide local search results […]

Internet Marketing Terminology: the Carousel

Recently, Google has been pioneering local search with changes to algorithms (Pigeon), additional services (Google My Business) and new search features such as the Carousel. In June 2013, Google released a new visual layout to its local search results. If you’re searching for restaurants, hospitality or travel, you can be sure to come across the […]