SEO and Penguin Part 2

Clean up on-page spam – Whether a page you’ve been optimizing has or hasn’t yet been penalized by the Penguin update, it is important to get rid of anything that might be considered spam. It is safe to say that future updates from Google will only continue its quest to penalize anything that could be […]

SEO and Penguin Part 1

These are some techniques that still remain effective despite the Penguin update. Keep in mind this isn’t a comprehensive list of all available SEO techniques, but rather ones to be particularly aware of due to the limitations imposed by Penguin. Don’t over optimize a website – This is definitely easier said than done, and it […]

Google Updates and Linkbuilding

It is important to note that some webmasters are concerned about the practices of “link bombing” and “Google bombing” being more prevalent now. Google bombing is a practice that has existed for years. In its early days, it consisted of a community banding together to game a search engine results page (SERP) usually for humorous […]

Controversy Surrounding Penguin Update

Penguin polarized the community of webmasters and search marketers. Some believe that Google is abusing its power over search results to alter the outcomes of search queries. By doing so they argue that the Penguin update harms small businesses that rely on SEO to promote their websites. One blogger writes: Affected businesses have already petitioned […]

Targets of Penguin

On April 24, 2012, Google announced a major change in its search ranking algorithm. The change, later named Penguin by Google, was released with the intention of targeting webspam by decreasing rankings for sites that were violating Google’s already existing quality guidelines. The objective was to encourage positive and constructive “white hat” search engine optimization, […]

What does Panda Penalize?

What is Panda update all about? In February 2011, Google released a change to its search results ranking algorithm known as Panda. This change was implemented to help prevent people from duplicating and plagiarizing ideas for their own personal gain and to reward websites that provided good content and a good user experience. It was […]