Psychology in Web Design – Part 2

f the information presented is not to the point, the visitor will likely leave the page (or worse leave your site) to find the answers they are looking for. Remember that users on the web are looking for information that is fast and convenient. They do not want to have to read through paragraphs of information to find out one service or product you offer.

Psychology in Web Design

Every selling point has some level of psychology applied to it, so why shouldn’t your web design? While this idea is certainly not a new concept, it should be properly considered before developing a website. Psychology in web design utilizes the mental processes of an individual that causes him or her to think or act in the way he or she does. In layman’s terms, understand what a visitor will do when they visit your website and determine the best way for them to convert into a customer. In order to do this you need to give the visitors a reason to review the goods or services on your website.