Internet Advertising

Advertising on the internet is an outstanding idea for your business. With internet advertising, you can zero in on your demographic and actually track those who took some type of action. Tracking results from traditional radio and television advertising doesn’t compare as it is based on statistical estimates, rather than tracked behavior.  However, Google is […]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing it’s not only about marketing to someone’s phone that they carry in their pocket. Mobile marketing is on-the-go marketing. What if you could list your business to Onstar or a Garmin GPS, so consumers can see your business when they are looking for something to eat, drink, or find the easiest path to […]

What does SEO mean?

Here in our West Palm Beach, Florida office, we perform Search Engine Optimization everyday. It’s an ongoing process. You don’t do it once and then you’re done. It’s a steady pace to the top. It’s like building a sturdy building over time; making sure the mortar is set before placing the next brick.

How To Get Your Business Noticed

Sorry but I can’t find your business. People are using the search engines to find business information rather than using that big, heavy and old yellow book. Consumers are smart people. They want directions or a phone number to your business’s physical location. Local Search Optimization is improving your site’s chances to be found by […]